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Spiritual Mentor of Krakusy / Choreographer / Dancer

Brief info

Father Miroslaw Frankowski, apart from his work as a priest of the Society of Christ for the Polish Diaspora abroad, has been promoting Polish folklore for many years. As a 14-year-old boy he came to America and danced in the "Orlęta" folk group in Connecticut. After graduating from high school, Father Miroslaw returned to Poland and joined the Society of Christ Fathers responsible for the pastoral ministry among the Polish community, promoting Polish culture and national traditions. Fulfilling the charism of the Congregation, Father Miroslaw made sure that Polish folklore and music groups were established in the parishes where he served.

He founded and led:
• 1999-2003 in Sterling Heights, Michigan, "Dunajec" group.
• 2003-2007 in Toronto, Canada, "Stella-Polonia" group.
• 2007-2020 in Hamtramck, Michigan, "Rodacy" group. In addition to his work as a choreographer he was also a costume designer.

The group that Father Miroslaw founded had the honor of performing in many places on different continents, such as United States, Canada, Mexico and Poland.

In 2020, Father Miroslaw Frankowski became the Pastor and Custodian of the Polish parish of Our Lady of Bright Mount in Los Angeles.

Father Mirek's love for the Polish folklore is part of the pastoral activities, therefore in 2021 he became the spiritual guardian of the Polish Folk Dance Ensemble Group "Krakusy" and the choreographer of the Older Group.

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