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Noble Kontusz Costume

The nobleman’s kontusz is probably the most characteristic element of the outfit of the nobility and wealthy Polish bourgeoisie in the 17th and 18th centuries, which can be seen in numerous paintings from that period.

A noble’s outfit for men is primarily an elegant outer garment with lapels, characteristic slit sleeves, tied with an elegant kontusz sash. In this way, men showed their state origin, because often specific rules were set out for how to wear this festive outfit. The nobleman’s kontusz is just one of the elements of men’s costumes, which also included żupan ​​- a silk bottom robe, a cloth delia lined with fur – an outer garment for colder days, yellow leather or red morocco shoes often embroidered with gold thread or a hat decorated with fur, an elegant feather and brooch. In this way, the nobility distinguished themselves from the bourgeoisie and the lowest class.

Noble attire for men

  • velvet robe with lining, straight collar or long shawl collar

  • the ornament is golden braid and rich golden buttons

  • żupan made of jacquard fabric with a lining, finished with a stand-up collar and decorated with a row of small golden buttons, followed by a covered clasp on the inside, a decorative large button or brooch sewn under the stand-up collar

  • straight-cut golden satin trousers, elastic waist belt

  • made of rich jacquard fabric, simple tied or ready to put on, fastened with buttons, decorative tassels and golden tapes

  • a velvet cap, finished with nutria fur, adorned with a brooch and feathers on the front

Noble attire for women

  • Velvet robe with a typical cut, decorated with artificial or natural fur

  • sleeves and a triangular insert on the front of jacquard fabric, fastened with hooks
  • the manorial robe is decorated with gold or silver tapes, the sleeve just behind the elbow is finished with lace
  • velvet or jacquard skirt at the bottom finished with a belt of artificial or natural white fur, sewn from gussets, wide pleats at the waist included in a belt

  • skirt for the court version, decorated at the bottom with stripes of rich golden tapes
  • velvet cap decorated with fur, decorative brooch and feathers, cut toe, hubcap or confederate

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