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3424 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018


Current Weekly practices in the Polish Hall at the Adams Blvd. address:

  • Older group ages 15 and up Wednesday's- 7:00PM to 10:00PM
  • Middle group ages 9 to 14 Tuesday's 7:00PM to 9:30PM
  • "Maluchy" (little ones) Saturdays after Polish School 2:15PM to 4:00PM

Required Practice Dress for ALL dance members:

  • Dance shoes are required for ALL dance members!!
  • No loose clothing, street clothing or jewelry at practice.
  • Candy, gum and soda NOT allowed at any time during practice or performance.
  • Girls to wear skirts to the knees.
  • Boys shorts or sweats.

Dancers Annual dues:

  • 1 dancer   $150.00 (PNA Member)
  • 2 dancers $170.00 (PNA Member)
  • 3 dancers $190.00 (PNA Member)
Note: Annual dues are reduced when you sign up for a life insurance policy through Polish National Alliance.
Krakusy (all age groups) give performances at various functions during the year from September through June throughout Southern California and sometimes neighboring States. These number about 10 in any one season. Deposits may be required of dance members upon distribution of costumes for any particular performance. Parents may purchase personable's like boots for boys, underpants and slips for girls from Krakusy.
Krakusy perform at functions such as weddings, banquets, cultural functions/festivals and other miscellaneous local Polish and non-Polish events. Requirements: Stage 20 feet by 20 feet minimum, sound system for CD's, dressing room and Parking for dancers. For six pairs 20-30 minute show we charge $600. For soloists (1 pair) 20 minute maximum $250. Children's group song and dance 20 minute maximum $300. Other extended arrangements are negotiable.
E-mail us at krakusy_pl@yahoo.com with any further questions