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Maciej Pasternak - Our previous instructor

Maciej Pasternak, choreographer and artistic director of Wloclawek folk song and dance group is the freshest artistic personality in the Los Angeles Polish community. He is here to direct the song and dance group Krakusy. Mr. Pasternak completed his masters degree in political science with a pedagogical specialization at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. As a college student he danced in the Poznan Polytechnic folk group, and after graduation went on to earn his folk choreography certification. He completed his folk education and research at the Mikolaj Kopernik University in Torun. Having declared that one of his main goals for Krakusy is to put the song back into song and dance, Mr. Pasternak is hard at work rehearsing Krakusy chorals. On November 11, he mobilized a last-minute sing-along in the Szarotka Retirement Home. Independence Day fell on a Sunday this year, but there were no activities planned in the area, he explained, arriving at the home after both 10:00 and noon masses, ready at the piano. Armed with songbooks typed up the night before, costumed Krakusy members led a program of well known and loved patriotic and war songs. Dressed in a uniform of Polish cavalry, Krakusy member Matuesz Sarosek said, it's a very important holiday for a lot of people, and we thought that Krakusy could help the community celebrate it publicly.
The Krakusy vocal repertoire is visibly growing, as the melodies of many common and lesser-known Christmas carols have recently been on the minds of members and listeners alike. On Christmas Eve, singers went to church in costume to participating in midnight mass. Natalia and Simona Romuzga touched all with their performance of Gdy sliczna Panna,and Bartek Krol led the infrequently heard Nie bylo miejsca dla Ciebie, a somber carol written in a concentration camp. The group also performed dances and carols for Baby Jesus and the Holy Family at the parish oplatek, held on January 6, the day traditionally understood that of the three kings. We will all be hearing more of Krakusy in this New Year. Aside from his work with Krakusy, Mr. Pasternak has opened a Sunday dance class for children between the ages of four and eight. He instructs the movement classes in Polish, teaching songs and games along the way. As a musician and highly accredited teacher, Mr. Pasternak is available to give accordion lessons. He is also wonderful with special kids and would be more than happy to tutor any Polish children. Furthermore, has daytime hours free to accompany elderly persons, driving to doctors appointments and other errands.